Wednesday, August 8, 2018

African American Woman Elected President of American Medical Association (AMA)

We keep making progress in the age of Trump and hierarchical Republicans.

Dr. Patrice Harris has made history by becoming the first African-American woman elected to be president of the American Medical Association (AMA). Harris, who hails from Bluefield, West Virginia will serve as the Association’s 174th president.

West Hollywood City Council Asks Trump Star to Be Permanently Removed

Even though we have an incredibly strong pro-hierarchy organization in the Republican party and its leader Donald Trump, we can be encouraged that people all over the United States are still working to end our hierarchies.

The West Hollywood City Council unanimously approved a resolution Monday night urging that Donald Trump's star be removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“Getting a star is a privilege; it’s not a right,” West Hollywood’s Mayor Pro Tempore John D'Amico said, who jointly put forth the resolution. "When one belittles and attacks minorities, immigrants, Muslims, people with disabilities, or women - the honor no longer exists."

The Week: Republicans Might Tank

Damon Linker, in an article in The Week, states that Republicans might experience a big belly-flop in November. Not because the 24 percent of people who are Republicans still adore Trump/Pence, but because there are so many people who, more than usual in the midterms, are so opposed to the Republican leadership. He states that it is too early to tell, but the lead-up to the elections is pointing that way.

"Over and over again, at all of these levels, Democrats have outperformed expectations, often winning in districts that in recent election cycles have strongly favored Republicans. That's because Democrats are energized, highly motivated to push back hard against the president and what the GOP has become since Trump stormed the stage during the 2016 Republican primaries."

In the Republican quest to keep our hierarchies strong, we can hope that their lack of flexibility and commitment to what they hold most dear, will sink them sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Ruckelshaus: Trump More Frantic than Nixon

William D. Ruckelshaus, the acting director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, deputy attorney general in 1973, and administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency from 1970 to 1973 and 1983 to1985, points out that President Trump is acting with a desperation he's seen only once before in Washington: 45 years ago when President Richard M. Nixon ordered the firing of special Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox.

He states that in some ways, Trump is conducting himself more frantically than Nixon, all the while protesting his innocence. 

The people in this country who are fighting to keep our hierarchies alive are stopping at nothing, evidenced by supporting this man and his swamp. They are disparately trying to hold back the tide of change, a movement so strong that it takes no less than these Trump measures.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

ATU in Washingon D.C. Stands Up to Hate

The Amalgamated Transit Union, Washington D.C.'s public transportation Metro’s largest union, leaked plans that the system is considering providing separate trains for white nationalists attending the so-called “Unite the Right” rally next weekend.

The Amalgamated Transit Union has stated that it refuses to accommodate the hate groups.

In hierarchies, many times the top groups assume that the rules only apply to them. Republicans including Trump have championed laws that state that people can discriminate against others because of religious or personal convictions, implying that only their hierarchical religions matter.

If they pass the "religious freedom laws," hopefully many, many people whose religion revolves around equality and justice will call out Trump supporters and Republicans and refuse to serve and support them.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

White Supremacists Bound By The Literature They Read

In a New York Times opinion piece, Ian Allen explains that in order understand why white supremacists back Donald Trump, we only need to view their reading material.

"The books act as a kind of binding agent, a Bible-like codification of basic principles that underpin the various denominations. And yet, for understandable reasons, they remain largely unknown. Journalists are inclined to avoid name-checking the books publicly, for fear of inadvertently promoting them."

 Mr Allen quotes Heidi Beirich, of the Southern Poverty Law Center. “We needed to have been talking about these books for decades. They’re very influential, they’re reaching the highest levels of power, they’re having an impact on terrorism, on policy, and so on. Not talking about them is just wrong.”

The article continues with descriptions of the literature.

Many Republicans Have No Problem with Russian Election Interference

A new poll finds among Republicans there is double digit support for Russia interfering in the U.S. midterm elections to try to help Republicans keep control of Congress in the fall.

Released Tuesday, the poll finds that 11 percent of Republican or GOP-leaning Americans surveyed said it is "appropriate" for Russia to try to help Republicans, while 29 percent said it's "not appropriate, but wouldn't be a big deal."

People who support hierarchies will rationalize away any problems, as long as they and their ideology reign.