Monday, December 20, 2010


Soon millions of us will be asking the same question:

Back to Hierarchies OR Forward to Liberty and Justice for All?

"Everyone knows the right answer if they are just asked the right question."

Grab on. It's coming soon to your organization, radio station, website, etc.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Call for the Question

Obama wants us to believe that we must compromise with hierarchy–conservators, such as those who want tax breaks for the superrich. We don't agree with Obama about his necessity for compromise.

Here's a excerpt from our "Clueless Top" page of this website:

"In an effort to be fair, we often view top-of-the-hierarchy perspectives as personal opinions, and think we need to compromise, even if the top sees no need to compromise with us. We compromise with people who are building hierarchies, then wonder why our hierarchies continue. Compromising with people building hierarchies only builds more hierarchies."

Political and social movements of the United States or the world start with grass roots. It's now time for each of us who cares about any equality issue to unite with a common language. It's simple – we reframe our issue to create a united front that is huge in number and rich in diversity.

Imagine hundreds of millions of voices united and asking one question:

Are we a country of hierarchies?
Are we a country with Liberty and Justice for All?