Friday, January 31, 2014

No Real Accountability in Sexual Abuse

Yes, sexual harassment and abuse is a problem. But as usual, we are trying to address the problem without holding the top accountable, our male culture. Instead, in a recent article:

"Children have a right to be safe in schools and schools have a legal and moral obligation to fulfill that promise," Miller said in a statement. "We must take every available and reasonable step we can to ensure that the people and schools that are entrusted with our children every day protect them from abuse."

We will not stop sexual assault until we stop thinking it is a normal part of life, and the best we can do is help our children to avoid becoming its victim.

It is way past time to state it clearly – MEN NEED TO CHANGE THEIR CULTURE THAT PROMOTES VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. As a society, we need to call out and make clear that it is time to tell men that they may think their abuse against women and children is beneficial, fun, enjoyable, sporty, and masculine, but we don't, SO STOP IT.

The picture in this article says it all. We all know who the culprit is. Put anyone else in that picture standing behind the young women, and it wouldn't make sense.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Men and Sexual Assault

President Obama's Weekly Address concerned sexual violence. We are glad to see that he emphasized the role of males in sexual assault. The traditional rhetoric has been to focus on protecting and training the women to avoid the attacks while not holding the male culture accountable to stop being violent.

Obama said:

"We’ve especially got to teach young men to show women the respect they deserve. I want every young man in America to know that real men don’t hurt women. And those of us who are fathers have a special obligation to make sure every young man out there understands that being a man means recognizing sexual violence and being outraged by it, and doing their part to stop it."

Women can not stop the culture that men pass down from generation to generation that sexual assault is their right, as women cope year after year as men refuse to change. It is time to hold men accountable to change themselves.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Congress Becomes Wealthier

Now Congress has a new distinction: over half of the nation's senators and representatives are now millionaires. Marking the first time, in 2012, that half of the members of Congress have passed the million dollar mark, the medium net worth is $1,008,767. 

It is not surprising, then, that members of Congress seem to be out of touch with the average American – proposing, fighting for, and passing laws that help the rich get richer, and working hard to defeat those that would help to decrease the ever-increasing gap between the rich and the poor.

As in any hierarchy, it is very difficult for those at the top to understand the experiences of those at the bottom. How long will it be before the Congress, when asked about the number of people in poverty in this country, will cluelessly respond, "Let them eat cake."

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Time Finally Brings Change

Florida officials have finally decided to change the name of a high school that was previously honored a former Confederate general, and a co-founder of the Ku Klux Klan.

Westside High is the new name of the school that used to be called Nathan B. Forrest High.

The vote for change was unanimous this time. But even just six years ago, the vote was 5-2 against the change.