Friday, June 26, 2015

A Day That Will Go Down in History - Marriage Equality

We celebrate with so many of us across the nation the Supreme Court decision that marriage is a right for all people in the United States who love each other.

Another hierarchy is eroding, bringing us closer to equality and fairness for everyone no matter her or his sexual orientation.

The rainbow colors shine on the White House, as they shine in the hearts of America. (photo credit Reuters)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Meryl Streep Promotes ERA

Forty-three years after the high point in the effort to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, Meryl Streep is in Capitol Hill to promote it's passage.

We were on the front lines of the ERA in the 1970's also, lobbying and raising money and traveling to rallies all over the country. We met amazing people in the effort, doomed by the same attitudes that are still keeping our country in hierarchies. Even after all this time, the United States still sees disparities in pay, proliferation of sexual assault, inequality in sports, commerce, job opportunities, etc.

Good for Streep. A great activist and a great actress.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Honoring Positive Images of Women in Advertising

At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, gender is high on the agenda. This event is often billed as the Academy Awards for advertising as it honors the most creative and successful ad campaigns worldwide. There are categories that range from traditional print to mobile to promotion and activation campaigns.

This year, awards reflected that advertising for and about women is rising, coming into the face of the old idea that advertising to and about males is the way to go, and females should just be on the sidelines.

The winner was an Indian ad that discussed the taboo about women's periods. Also winning was Always' ads aimed at changing views of what it means to throw, fight, and run "Like a Girl."

Real Change in the Wake of Charlestion

Robert Chase writes on CNN, noting that this year marks the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War, that it is time to honestly reckon with the history of racial violence in the United States, including symbols and decisions that provoke modern-day racist violence.

He suggests: "The first step in this process must be the removal of the Confederate flag from South Carolina's state Capitol. A second could be to change the name of the street where the "Mother" Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church sits from Calhoun Street, named for staunch slavery proponent John C. Calhoun, to Emanuel Street. A third is to initiate national teach-ins on the history of racial violence in America."

He also points out that the historical suppression of black-controlled churches and religion has been a response to black resistance, referring to the killing of nine African-Americans participating in a Bible study at their church. Also, many people in our country equate guns with liberty and ignore the degree to which gun violence has historically also meant the suppression of the liberty and freedom of African-Americans.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pope: Weapons Manufacturers Can't Call Themselves Christian

Glad to hear the Pope say today that Christians are hypocrites if they manufacture weapons or invest in the weapons industry.

Military and gun violence, and the threat of it, have been control tactics of hierarchies for centuries. And in the United States, the biggest supporters of "guns for all" are white male members of the NRA and white male Republicans, who support the building of hierarchies in almost every other realm of life also. Maybe one day these men will understand the detriments of hierarchies, but for now, the benefits they receive from being on top are getting in the way of understanding the negative effects of gun and military violence, as they insist on remaining clueless.

Good for the Pope.

Time to Stop Letting White Male Terrorists off the Hook

Even deep in Florida, people are getting it. When a white male, because he is a member of the group on top of our hierarchies, commits a mass murder, in the past we have pointed to his crime as an isolated incident, and he must be mentally ill. Couldn't be, of course, that people of his race and gender typically are those in white supremacist groups and the KKK, and those leading the NRA.

Now, even in Tampa, people are calling for the United States populace to stop using the excuse of mental illness, and instead look at the truth.

"Reporters and newscasters must ask the questions that get to the root of acts of racially motivated violence in America. Where did this man learn to hate black people? Was he influenced by right-wing media's endless portrayals of black Americans as lazy and violent?"

"Media coverage should not fall back on the typical narrative ascribed to white male shooters: a lone, disturbed or mentally ill young man failed by society. This is not an act of just "one hateful person." It is a manifestation of the racial hatred and white supremacy that continues to pervade our society. The authorities have found their suspect, and we should be calling him what he is: a terrorist."

Thursday, June 18, 2015

South Carolina - Do Actions Speak Louder than Words?

In the capital of South Carolina, the US and state flags were lowered to half staff after the killing of nine people in a church by yet another white male committing a mass shooting in our country.

But as the US and state flags were lowered, flying high above them was a confederate flag, supposedly representing the war dead from the Civil War.

It is amazing what is acceptable in our country in the name of our military and our wars. Claim those noble causes, and other reasonable decisions fall by the wayside.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Who is Your Preferred Presidential Candidate?

Just for fun, here is a survey you can take to determine how your views match those of the U.S. Presidential candidates. We are not vouching for the authenticity, but ours came out pretty true.

We are committed to ending hierarchies and creating a country that functions for all and does not try to create a world-wide hierarchy with the United States on top.

We came out 96% towards Bernie Sanders, and 91% with Hillary Clinton. We don't match up much at all with those Republicans.

FIxing our Education Woes

According to Occupy Democrats, we in the United States should be following Finland's lead.