Monday, September 24, 2012

Who's Expecting the Entitlements?

Hierarchies are expensive to maintain. The Obama campaign has twice the staff at the same cost as Romney's campaign. Many people who support Romney are used to being paid very well, so it would make sense that he has to pay much more to get people to work for him.

Here's another example that the people who support Obama, the "47%"  (who Romney calls victims and who expect the government will give them entitlements) will work hard at the same job for significantly less money than the people who work for Romney. The comparison of salaries in the two campaigns show us the Romney's workers feel entitled to much more compensation for the same work.,0,2707799.story

Monday, September 17, 2012

Unaccountable Top

In August, we wrote about the Loomnin platinum mine in South Africa. Police shot and killed 34 people while trying to disperse protesters at the mine. We have been gone on vacation, so are just now able to note an amazing law that allowed murder charges against 270 South African miners whose striking colleagues were shot and killed by police. The charges have been dropped, but this law is really the ultimate in blaming the bottom for the actions of the top, while not holding the top accountable. Whew!