Monday, May 26, 2014

Another Man on the Rampage

When we published our op-ed in the Washington Post last year suggesting that the male culture, specifically the white male culture, should examine why a disproportionate number of them engage in mass shootings in our county and promote guns, we received thousands of comments and many hateful emails. To suggest that one group, specifically white males, has something in their culture that creates these mass shootings was called sexist and racist.

We know, however, that groups on top of the hierarchy, like white males, are used to not being held accountable for their actions and will lash out when anyone suggests that they should.

With the Santa Barbara shootings last week, we were glad to see Kevin Powell write an editorial commenting on the male culture that promotes violence with guns and violence against women.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oregon – We Did It

Joining our neighbors California and Washington, we here in Oregon are very proud that we now allow same-sex couples to marry.

Sexual orientation is another hierarchy that is falling. Yes, there are people still opposed to civil rights for non-heterosexuals. Many people opposed feel they have a right to their opinions and should be able to force them on others claiming difference of opinion only. However, every hierarchy saw those claims when it was in the midst of falling, and hindsight proved the opposition to only be holding up one more hierarchy.

May many other states follow suit, as did Pennsylvania today. However, we in Oregon, since our state officials stated that opposing same-sex marriage is unconstitutional (see previous post), have the distinction that there is no one who is in the legal position to appeal.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Oregon - A Hierarchy is a Hierarchy

The Oregon Supreme Court and the Attorney General's office have refused to support a hierarchy that is trying to hide behind the noble cause of religious freedom.

Members of the Friends of Religious Liberty in Oregon have announced that they will try legal action in an attempt to allow individuals and businesses to exempt themselves from serving same sex couples in Oregon.

The group had initially prepared a ballot initiative to allow people to choose whom they serve stated as religious exemptions, but withdrew it after the Oregon Supreme Court without a comment Thursday withheld the ballot title drafted by Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum's office, which emphasized that the measure would, really, modify anti-discrimination laws:

"Religious belief" exceptions to anti-discrimination laws for refusing services, other, for same-sex ceremonies, "arrangements"

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sterling is Sterling

The L.A. Times editorial "Forget Donald Sterling and Clivan Bundy; they aren't today's Americans" is an excellent example of what we will be seeing more of in the future in the U.S. media. As hierarchy conservatives like Donald Sterling and Cliven Bundy expose themselves more and more, they show they are struggling to keep their power. The article includes three significant points:

1.  Recognize and reward of the centuries of work to build equality and fairness by millions of current residents and their ancesors;
2.  Break down the barriers put up by the top by calling out their outdated views;
3.  Proclaim a bright future because the majority does not support the hierarchies of those on the top.,0,2333434.story#axzz30U7EBtql