Monday, April 25, 2011

The Death Struggle is Progressing

Mary sent us a message that she would love to believe that the radical right is in a death struggle, but now they seem so powerful.

We agree that their efforts appear to be coming from a position of strength. From decades of studying hierarchies, however, we see perfect textbook examples of a death struggle (for an explanation, see Death Struggle under Hierarchies in the tool bar above).

1. Aggressively hoarding resources. The radical right is longer taking the responsibility to pass down the minimal amount of benefits to lower people – a practice which is necessary to sustain their position at the top.

2. Acting increasingly irrational (such as the Birthers). They must move farther from center to counterbalance the majority who have moved out of their outdated hierarchies.

3. Becoming exposed. The radical right is finding it difficult to find any individual "lower" group to use as a scapegoat and a means to divert attention away from real issues. Lower groups have become organized over the last 50 years, and are refusing to stay on the bottom of obsolete hierarchies. We are talking to each other.