Thursday, June 16, 2011

Look Lower for a Healthy Future

It's easy to be blind to the obvious when we are clueless at the top. We are programmed to value what we view as being on top, and overlook the importance or contributions of those in our lower groups.

"The local food and beverage industry grows despite the recession," our local newspaper reported. Even though this local segment of our economy provides more than half as many jobs as the county's largest manufacturer, an economic develop official was quoted as saying that these local companies are not going to provide the quantity and quality of jobs that makes a real job cluster with staying power.

Staying power? Is he saying that large corporations provide more security, just because they have more resources and are given top-of-the-hierarchy benefits in this country? The article goes on to name large corporations that in one sweep moved manufacturing operations to other counties or countries, while adding that local small industries are more likely to stay here, and many have been here for decades.

An executive from the Northwest Food Processors Association summed it up. "It's kind of a Rodney Dangerfield impression. They never give us respect."