Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Age-Old Stories

Now Romney is saying that he can not release his tax information because the Mormon Church does not  believe in disclosing how much donors donate. This new excuse sounds like a trick that some hierarchical Christians have used for centuries – to hide behind religion while building a hierarchy that benefits oneself.

Romney recently highlighted another tax-related practice that helps build big hierarchies – the role of offshore tax havens in helping to ensure big business is "doing fine."

Here's another smokescreen disguised as a noble cause - Instead of the current guarantee that the program pays for medical costs, Ryan's plan would give seniors a set amount of money each year to buy private health insurance. If that sum isn't enough to pay for the necessary coverage -- or to pay for traditional Medicare -- seniors would have to make up the difference. Vouchers to pad the pockets of private insurance companies.

If people in this country weren't so programmed to support hierarchies, then maybe not so many would be believing these hierarchical tactics.