Friday, October 5, 2012

Powerful Programming

This week's Presidential debate has left us questioning if Obama believes that it's really O.K. to separate himself from and take on people at the top. Obama appeared to have been on the defensive, not choosing to stand up to Romney, who clearly comes from and represents the 1%.

Obama's picks for his advisers, cabinet, and Supreme Court may show that he thinks that people who go to top-of-the-hierarchy elite private schools are the best leaders. We noticed when he said that he and Michelle are lucky to have been able to attain the "best education" in the country by attending Harvard. What does that say about what he believes about the other 99% of college degrees and the diverse experiences and perspectives of the people who earned them?

All of us have been programmed from birth to believe that those on top know more and are more capable, and Obama is no exception to the influence. But has he learned to separate himself from the top enough to champion another agenda?

On a recent Jay Leno program, when asked about Romney's 47% comment, Obama stated that a good leader would govern for all of the country. Does he realize that if anyone compromises with the top of the hierarchy, all you will get is more hierarchy? There's one good offensive theme for the next debate.