Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Changing Stripes?

We are seeing Republicans already beginning to try to rebranding themselves so that they will become more successful in the next election. Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio are distancing themselves from the Tea Party, but are they really just a new face on the old hierarchies? Since Karl Rove has proven himself to be an expert at rhetoric, we can be sure that we will see some innovative use of images and words when his new Super PAC presents their choices to challenge right-wing radical candidates.

Is the rebranding going to be the same ole hierarchies, just sugar-coated? A good working knowledge of hierarchies will help us answer and convincingly discuss that question.
Hierarchy conservators are well-practiced at convincing others to remain engaged in their hierarchies that ultimately benefit those on top. They want us to convince ourselves that their hierarchies benefit everyone, when actually the benefits are going to clueless people at the top.

We hope that people who are reading our website will familiarize themselves with the workings of hierarchies, so they can see through the smoke screens that many hierarchy conservators will throw out. All of us must ask, "Who's benefiting?" "What CLUES are hidden behind that message?"