Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Learn about White Culture

We're not surprised that some people who read our Washington Post op-ed could not see whites as having a distinct culture, since the culture on top of our hierarchies is often thought of as the culture of everyone.

If you would like to learn about white culture,  the best way is to listen to a lower group on the hierarchy who can see it clearly.

The book "Drylongso: A Self Portrait of Black America" by John Langston Gwaltney is terrific. The book is a compellation of interviews with African Americans and was written in 1981. Even though the book was written three decades ago, don't let that deter you. Most of the basic components of the white culture they describe are still intact. The interviews are rich with statements about how white people think and act. If you're white, make sure to focus on listening and resist becoming insulted. Then you'll be treated to a wonderful opportunity to learn.

We particularly recommend these interviews – John Oliver, Ruth Shays, Grant Smith, Jackson Jordan, Jr., Porter Millington, Sims Patrick, Bernard Vanderstell, and Melvin Gabriel Wilmot.