Friday, September 27, 2013

Tea Party Diversity - White Males from Different States

"We've got a diverse caucus, frankly," John A Boehner said, when asked at a news conference last Thursday who, exactly, was running his conference.

But to Boehner, diversity must mean that members of the Tea Party congressional caucus are from different states, because otherwise, it is hard to know what he means by diversity. Every one of the 15 Republicans mentioned in the article are white males. We might assume by their policies that they are all heterosexual,  Christian, and able-bodied, though we haven't researched that fact.

Here's the list, in the order they are mentioned in the article.

Ted Yoho
John A. Boehner
Justin Amash
Scott Rigell
Tom Graves
Thomas Massie
Ron Paul
Ted Cruz
Tim Huelskamp
Steve King
Marlin Stutzman
Mark Meadows
Michael G. Grimm
Tim Griffin
Sean P. Duffy
Mike Lee

If we want to talk with members of the Tea Party about making laws that positively effect the lives of our diverse country, it looks like the diversity that matters to them is already being well served.