Friday, January 31, 2014

No Real Accountability in Sexual Abuse

Yes, sexual harassment and abuse is a problem. But as usual, we are trying to address the problem without holding the top accountable, our male culture. Instead, in a recent article:

"Children have a right to be safe in schools and schools have a legal and moral obligation to fulfill that promise," Miller said in a statement. "We must take every available and reasonable step we can to ensure that the people and schools that are entrusted with our children every day protect them from abuse."

We will not stop sexual assault until we stop thinking it is a normal part of life, and the best we can do is help our children to avoid becoming its victim.

It is way past time to state it clearly – MEN NEED TO CHANGE THEIR CULTURE THAT PROMOTES VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. As a society, we need to call out and make clear that it is time to tell men that they may think their abuse against women and children is beneficial, fun, enjoyable, sporty, and masculine, but we don't, SO STOP IT.

The picture in this article says it all. We all know who the culprit is. Put anyone else in that picture standing behind the young women, and it wouldn't make sense.