Friday, April 11, 2014

Paul Ryan - Even More to the Top

Paul Ryan’s new budget spells out clearly yet another move to channel resources to the top of hierarchies. We’re glad that those who are so intent on conserving out-of-date hierarchies are being bold enough to spell it out with math, adding clarity to their rhetoric of “Premium Support” and "Path to Prosperity” Ryan used to describe the programs in his budget.

Even though the budget has no chance of becoming law, the budget passed the House with a 219-205 vote, with only Republicans voting yes. There’s tax cuts to the wealthiest and corporations while increasing taxes to the middle classes. Safety-net programs for the poor would fall to the whims of individual states. Medicare would morph into an option to purchase insurance from private corporations.

The Radical Right is slipping. As they keep playing their hand to prove their loyalty to the top, the rest of us understand their motives even more clearly.