Sunday, June 7, 2015

Top of the World Hierarchy - Costing our Future

As the United States is trying to rule the world, our infrastructure that could use the money is crumbling.

Other countries take care of their own because they aren't trying to create a world hierarchy with themselves on top.

Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times points out that the schools of Los Angeles are just one of the ways that we are putting the world hierarchy over our own good, in that repairs aren't being made. This is a story about national priorities in a country that is poised to invest $1.5 trillion in the accident-prone F-35 fighter jet but takes years to fix a crumbling high school tower. He suggests ways that our spending priorities are out of line.

Our hierarchies can't fall fast enough. What we can do is to stop listening to and support those who equate power with world dominance and military spending. Time to end our hierarchies before we don't have much of a country to keep our military going to support.