Friday, October 2, 2015

Young Men - Not Doing Well

In the former East Germany, young women are faring much better than young men and are leaving for better opportunities elsewhere. The young men aren't as ambitious to obtain a good education and job, and are being left behind, leaving a shortage of women.

A recent book in the United States suggests that educated women may need to look for men to date who are much less educated, as men are not keeping up with women. The rate of women graduating from college much exceeds that of men, and the trend will probably only result in a widening of the gap in years to come.

Men have been used to being given special privilege on top of our hierarchies. Now that hierarchies  are flattening, women, who have always had to work "twice as hard to be considered half as good" keep working while the men don't know quite what to do.

Being on top of our hierarchies is beginning to show great disadvantages.