Sunday, December 6, 2015

Russia, Largest Producer of Organic Food?

Russian President Vladimir Putin may be difficult for the west on many fronts, but he has an idea for fulfilling a real need in the west. In a message released to the media on Thursday, he has told the Russian Parliament that Russia should become the world’s largest supplier of organic foods.

“Not only can we ourselves eat it, but also taking into account our land and water – which is particularly important – resources Russia could become the world’s largest supplier of healthy, environmentally friendly, high-quality food that has long been missing in some western producers,” Putin stated.

In January 2015 Putin signed a food bill into law, that includes a new article establishing liability for the violation of mandatory requirements for the labeling of food products that contain GMOs.

Could this be another way that we will decrease the highly-advertised unhealthy corporate processed food chain? Time will tell.