Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Women – Your Feelings Are Real About Trump

In an incredible article in Rolling Stone, Janet Reitman hits home on how so many women feel about Donald Trump. She says that most women were not surprised at the 2005 tape where he encourages sexual assault. This article hits a true emotional trigger among women about how it feels dealing with most heterosexual men, and how the objectification of women is not a joke.

She also discusses the attacks on Hillary Clinton, and how women can sympathize personally how she feels when she is attacked by a male who is so sexist and misogynist. So many of us know exactly what this is like:

"Clinton's smile was not the glorious, killing-it grin of the previous debate, but rather a "kill me now" grimace as she suffered along, absorbing Trump's myriad attacks while simultaneously performing the quintessentially female parlor trick of puddle-jumping over the worst of it, so as not to get stuck in the muck."