Sunday, March 19, 2017

Effect of Trump: WInning Middle School Robotics Team Told to Go Back to Mexico

In Indiana, home of Mike Pence and his hierarchical Republican agenda, Pleasant Run Elementary students had just won a robotics challenge at Plainfield High School,  with students new this year to the  competition. this year. Two of the team members are African American and three are Latino/a.  The team is made up of 9- and 10-year-olds.

“Go back to Mexico!” two or three kids screamed at their brown-skin peers and their parents, according to some who were there. This verbal attack had spilled over from the gymnasium. While the children were competing, one or two parents disparaged the Pleasant Run kids with racist comments — and loud enough for the Pleasant Run families to hear.

“They were pointing at us and saying that ‘Oh my God, they are champions of the city all because they are Mexican. They are Mexican, and they are ruining our country,’ ” said Diocelina Herrera, the mother of PantherBot Angel Herrera-Sanchez.

Here is a steamroller effect of people who support hierarchies. People in lower groups get a little, and the top group feels they are taking over.