Monday, January 1, 2018

Evangelicals: Supporting Hierarchy Conservator Leaders is Priority

"Eighty percent of white, self-identified evangelicals in Alabama voted for the disgraced and disgraceful losing pedophile Roy Moore," Ed Simon points out in his Newsweek article, "How Can True Evangelical Christians Glorify the Godless Trump?"

He also reports that the Public Religion Research Institute reported that over the past five years the “percentage of white evangelical Protestants who said that a politician who commits an immoral act in their personal life could still behave ethically shot up from 30 to 72 percent. The percentage saying such a politician could not serve ethically plunged from 63 to 20 percent.”

Now that hierarchies are slipping, we are seeing diehards make whatever rationalizations required to keep hierarchy conservators in power.

As to how to address these hierarchy conservators, Simon states, "Writer and scholar Burke Gerstenschlager writes for our current moment that 'In the midst of Propaganda and Gospel, we must resist … with love where there is hate. Resist with kindness where there is abandonment. Resist with grace where there is cruelty. Resist with justice where there is impunity. Resist with knowledge where there is ignorance. Resist with truth where there are lies. Advent is our season.'"