Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nine 1 One to the Rescue

We have a refreshing story from our home state of Oregon about a Portland company, Nine 1 One Gear, that makes outerwear for firefighters and emergency responders. They have announced that they are leaving China and moving their manufacturing back home to Oregon.

Inflation in China and quality-control problems had Nine 1 One looking for alternatives. Moreover, manufacturing capacity at Chinese apparel plants is tight, and lead times for filling orders are getting longer. "If you're not a big-name brand, you're going to get pushed to the bottom of the list," said Peter Ettro, the president of Nine 1 One.

Maybe small companies will be the businesses that will bring health to our country's economic illnesses. After all, we can't look to those who got us into our problems to get us out. The big corporations, who are aided by the hierarchy-conservators of the Supreme Court and Congress, are unwilling to pay their fair share, put profits before people and the environment, and care about their well-being more than that of the country, show us the results when building hierarchies is a high priority.