Friday, July 29, 2011

Christianity on Top

A controversy predictable in a religious hierarchy has surfaced concerning the cross that was placed at the 9/11 Memorial Site in New York City. A group has filed suit arguing that a Christian symbol should not be included if no other religions or philosophies will be honored.

We wrote about this issue a year ago (see the blog, August 23, 2010). Many people use the cross as a universal symbol for everyone in the country, even though our diverse country contains many religious or spiritual beliefs. For example, in military cemeteries, crosses are used to represent the fallen, even if their religion is unknown. A person may request another symbol, but if none is requested, it is assumed that a cross is appropriate.

In a hierarchy, what represents the top is considered to be appropriate for everyone. Religion is no exception. The use of beams from the former World Trade Center is wonderful. However, putting the beams only in the shape of a cross illustrates the dominance of the Christianity on top of the hierarchy of religions in our country.