Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Casey Martin Rides Again

There's lots of celebration here in Eugene, Oregon – as well as around the country – that golfer Casey Martin is back at the men's U.S. Open. Casey grew up in Eugene and is the University of Oregon men's golf coach.

We followed his legal challenge to the PGA for the right to use a golf cart under the American with Disabilities Act. Harriet attended the court hearings all day, every day, when the case was heard in Eugene, the first legal step before eventually being upheld by the Supreme Court.

The trial proved to be a wonderful activity for researching hierarchies. Perched on top of their hierarchy, the PGA lawyers and officials, all white men dressed alike in their similar lawyer suits, could not hear or understand much that Casey and his female lawyer were saying. The PGA acted as if they didn't have to listen, and they had the right to make the rules, no matter who suffered from them. Harriet best described the scene as ships passing in the night.

We wish you the best, Casey. You're a #1 hierarchy-buster!