Monday, June 4, 2012

Death Struggle More Obvious

Michael Fumento, a lifelong conservative who worked in the Reagan administration, is receiving considerable attention for his latest article. Last week when he wrote that he is breaking with the right describing the right-wing mass hysteria as what sociologists call a "moral panic" – the terror that comes "when society is undergoing a wrenching transformation." He also says that he is frequently dismayed and disgusted by the "mass-produced hate and rage" that passes for conservatism today.

Mr. Fumento is giving us a good description of the death struggle of radical hierarchy-conservators  whose death struggle is becoming increasingly obvious.

We believe that the result of our country's transformation out of hierarchies will bring us a much better country. Now more than ever, it's important that we all keep our hope alive.

Michael Fumento is an attorney, author, journalist and former paratrooper who has written for National Review, The Weekly Standard, Commentary, The American Spectator, Human Events, Forbes,, Reason, Policy Review, The Spectator (London), The Sunday Times of London, The Wall Street Journal op-ed page and many other publications.