Thursday, June 20, 2013

30% of Women Suffer from Domestic Violence

People on top of hierarchies keep the hierarchies going because they perceive that they benefit from them.

Why do men perceive that they benefit from being violent toward their partners?

Are they taught that being in control is more important than valuing a human relationship that is rooted in equality and fairness? Are they taught that to use violence as a control tactic to keep a hierarchy strong is more important than the relationship they are destroying? Do they believe that men should get what they want at the expense of women who are lower on their hierarchies?

Do they pass the blame for any of their problems down the hierarchy to their female partners, keeping accountability away from themselves on top? With the priority of maintaining the hierarchy, do men remain emotionally detached from the negative effects of their actions on women?

Men are not born violent, but our system of hierarchies keeps them believing violence for them is normal.