Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Who's Behind It All?

Today we already have news of three bomb threats in our country. It is only a little after 9:00 am on the west coast – the day has just begun.

Princeton University in New Jersey ordered the campus to be evacuated because of a bomb threat to "multiple unspecified campus buildings."

Two bomb threats near the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta caused the buildings housing the state Attorney General's office and the state Supreme Court to be evacuated.

The Richmond International Airport in Virginia was evacuated after a threatening phone call.

We pointed out in our Washington Post op-ed that the people committing mass shootings of people they don't know tend to white males, way more than their numbers in the general population. We again last week saw a white male kill random people at and near Santa Monica College in California, with an intent to kill more given his massive amount of  ammunition and his shots that didn't kill.

Would we obtain the same type of statistics if we were to single out this top-of-the-hierarchy group of white males for other crimes, such as these bomb threats this morning? We instead are trained not to hold them accountable as a group, and instead believe that their actions represent all of our society instead of discussing how the white male culture helps to create and sustain the violence in our country.