Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Men Ruling Women in Athletics

Again, we have the situation that women's athletics take a back burner when men take them over.

At the University of Tennessee, one of the main reasons that the women's basketball program set the pace for decades in bringing women's sports to the forefront was that the women's athletic departments were separate from the men's.

Now the University of Tennessee has decided to combine the departments, and in that unity plan, of fifteen people laid off from their jobs, twelve were women. Of the eight-member leadership team created by Athletic Director Hart, seven are men, with NCAA rules mandating a senior woman administrator, so there had to be at least one woman. The committee has decided to end the Lady Vol name, with the exception of basketball.

As those on top of the hierarchy, men, have the opportunity to take care of their own, and women become their afterthought who should be glad for crumbs dished out, the reign of men in sports continues.