Saturday, February 7, 2015

Women Professional Athletes Way Behind Men in Pay

Even though we have Title IX for decades, where we don't see progress is in the professional realm of sports in the United States, as most women need to moonlight in order to make ends meet.

If a male athlete is at the top of his field, just his signing bonus is more than almost every family in the United States will ever see financially their entire lives. A male professional basketball player would laugh at making $107,000 a year which is the top salary of a WNBA player.

Somehow the people of this country have become convinced that for-profit male teams are part of their fiber, allowing themselves to be taxed to provide places with public funds just so these male athletes and owners can make more money. Not that we would wish that model on women, but until we rethink our capitalistic male sports culture (and college football) then there is no room left for athletes who are shut out of the male-dominated money-making realm.