Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tea Party in Indiana "Religions Decide" Law

According to Richard Brodsky, Indiana went well beyond allowing religious organizations to practice what they want. The law states that they can move those practices into the realm of commerce.

The law extends the inside-the-church exemption to commercial enterprises. Business corporations get the same protection that a church gets.

Brodsky continues that if we think we've heard this before, we're right. It's the same argument used to attack Obamacare in the "Hobby Lobby" lawsuit. That time is was about insurance coverage for contraception, but the argument was the same.

And we have also heard a variant in Citizens United, where the Supreme Court conservative majority said corporations have the same constitutional free speech rights as do living, breathing people.

He states that this law isn't the least bit traditionally "conservative". It is a radical, un-American, reactionary re-writing of our basic freedoms, engineered by the Tea Party conservatives.