Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hillary - Toppling the Top?

In Hillary Clinton's video introducing her presidential campaign to the world, she said "the deck is still stacked in favor of those at THE TOP."

After thirty years of research, we know the ends and outs of how "The Top" works, predictably and consistently, with transparency that people in "lower" groups can see, but to which "The Top" remains clueless. Perfect scenario for a set-up and voter motivation and celebration.

We in the United States have come so far, and we are almost to our goal of being over the hump towards equality and justice. We have confidence in the outcome when we no longer look at every hierarchy individually, but come together collectively to see how we are actually dismantling one system that channels resources to "The Top."

Our last major hierarchy, sexual orientation and identity, will not reconstruct and we will not go back.

In decades of watching the far right, as they became the voice of the Republican party, we have characterized their consistent and predictable efforts to create and maintain hierarchies, day in and day out.

Using a frame of hierarchies, opposite of the stated values of the United States, the far right Republicans have no place to hide.

Hierarchies are in a death struggle. If Hillary becomes a leader with the opportunity to fuel the demise even further, understanding and utilizing the intricacies of hierarchies will speed her along.