Saturday, July 11, 2015

Limited Access to Birth Control - It Works to Keep the Gender Hierarchy Strong

Republicans have a habit of doing whatever it takes to keep hierarchies strong, including the hierarchies of race, income, national origin, and sexual orientation.

Also included is gender, where Republicans have been working hard to limit the access of birth control and abortion to women, as they strive to keep women lower in the hierarchy and men higher.

Financial security for women is directly linked to availability of birth control. Access to reproductive rights means a woman can be secure and avoid being dependent on a man who can control her.

Of course, limiting reproductive rights keeps hierarchies strong, as a 2002 Harvard study pointed out. Four out of five sexually active women are on birth control, and that there is a direct correlation between the availability of birth control and women's presence in the workforce. In fact, access to birth control is associated with increased educational opportunities, resulting in greater skilled employment opportunities for women.

University of Michigan economist Martha Bailey said that contraceptives enable young women to stay in the labor market and invest in their careers, while also being sexually active without risking pregnancy.