Friday, July 17, 2015

Man with Cerebral Palsy Now Able to Put His Shoes On By Himself

We live in Oregon, so we know all about Nike's reputation for using sweat shops, and that Phil Knight, the richest person in Oregon, has enough influence and power to have many people refer to the University of Oregon as Nike University.

And we realize that Nike's reason for creating a basketball-type shoe for people who can only use one hand to put on their footware creates a potential market for them.

However, in celebration of how breaking down the physical ability/disability hierarchy has come such a long way since the implementation of the ADA, this is a good story of the heart-warming response of Nike to a letter received from a man with cerebral palsy. Maybe the letter would have been ignored decades ago. Of course, decades ago the man probably would not be going to a public high school and dreaming of going to the college of his choice either.