Thursday, August 13, 2015

Glen Beck: Don't Move to Portland, Oregon

Glen Beck and his fellow white male commentators have made a numbered list of the cities in the United States to avoid like the plague, "as things get worse and worse." It is Portland, Oregon's inability to affiliate with organized (Christ-based) religions that makes it No. 1 for a place "you do not want to live anywhere around as things get worse and worse."

But of course what Beck really means is that Portland has the lowest percentage of people who do not support hierarchical Christian religions, where that particular religion is number one, and everyone else, and every other religion, is lower on their religion hierarchy.

Beck is predicting doom for Portland and his other fourteen listed cities. If his criteria is based on the fact that only hierarchical religions are destined to prevail, then we predict the opposite to be true, as in the death struggle of hierarchies, religions are right there in the fray.