Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Keeping Lower Groups at Bay – Ask Donald Trump How

Being professional women who have been in the workplace for many decades, we have experienced all sorts of ways that people keep women lower in the gender hierarchy and out of contention for getting their fair share.

In an article in Vox describing Donald Trump in the Republican debates, Amanda Taub provides us with five ways that Trump used to keep the hierarchy intact, but these don't just apply to women. Any hierarchy will do. All in a day's work.

Step 1: Claim that the complaint is an exaggeration in order to imply that the complainant can't be trusted. A tried and true way to keep those on top in their in own separate group and outsiders out, making sure the top is not held accountable for their actions as life goes on as usual AS even though we are taught otherwise, the top can't be trusted to act for anyone but themselves.

Step 2: Dismiss demands for respect and equality as mere "political correctness." Fairness and equality break down hierarchies, and though they appeal to our better nature, they can be disregarded when trivialized, implying those with the power and in the know will not be fooled AS the top usually doesn't understand the need for issues they call "political correctness."

Step 3: Insist that this complaint is too minor to bother with when there are more important things to worry about. Yes, keeping the hierarchy intact and power and resources flowing to the top is the top priority AS the top believes they deserve all they have for playing the game successfully.

Step 4: Say it was just "fun." When people in lower groups start to make a lot of sense, they can be written off as not serious, and the conversation is not serious – all part of a joke that anyone dare to question the authority of the hierarchy AS the top has control of the situation, and they enjoy it with a smile.

Step 5: Pretend the complaint is really just about personal animosity. The top of the hierarchy is clueless, believing that statements made about the problems of the hierarchy can't really be true, so obviously the person bringing the message must have a problem AS because the top believes that if the person complaining were as talented as are they on top, he or she would be on top too.