Sunday, January 24, 2016

Seattle - Getting Serious About Getting People Out of Their Cars

Seattle has only one light rail line right now, and city leaders think it is time to change that. An initiative called Move Seattle includes:
  • Seven to 10 “multimodal corridor projects” — that is, travel corridors that incorporate designated space for bikes, buses, and other mass transit.
  • Seven new “bus rapid transit” corridors that will hustle riders in and out of the city in designated lanes, separate from car traffic.
  • Easy access to buses that arrive at least every 10 minutes, throughout the day, for three-quarters of city residents.
  • A build-out of half of the city’s perpetually underfunded bicycle master plan, including 50 miles of protected bike lanes.
  • One hundred blocks of new sidewalks, new crossings at 225 intersections, and safe walking and biking routes to all of the city’s schools.
  • Reducing traffic deaths to zero by, among other things, dropping speed limits on residential streets of 20 mph, and 30 mph on arterial streets.
Time to create a climate that supports all our citizens of earth, not just those who can afford to adjust.