Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Women Very Underrepresented in College Coaching

Looking at the 2014-15 college sports year, only five of the 17 women’s Division I team championships were won by teams with female head coaches. Overall, 40.2 percent of head coaches in women’s NCAA athletics last school year were women, and that number falls to 38.9 percent at the Division I level.

The percentage of female head coaches in the sport has actually been declining over the last five seasons, both overall and most severely at the Division I level. In the 1996-97 school year — the first season in a streak of three consecutive national championships for Pat Summitt and the Tennessee Lady Vols — 62.3 percent of head coaches in women’s Division I basketball were female. That number rose to 66 percent in 2009-10 but has declined ever since. Last season 58.6 percent of Division I head coaches were female, and basketball has by far the highest percentage.

If that doesn't look like a problem, imagine if 74% of the coaches of the men's soccer teams were women, 63% of the men's tennis teams are coached by women, and 57% of the men's volleyball teams are coached by women. Does that seem fair or even realistic in our sexist society?