Friday, May 13, 2016

Men Film Makers Think Women's Feelings Must Be From the Power of A Man

The top of the hierarchy thinks that the lives of everyone else should revolve around them, and they have power over everyone else. Since rape is about power, men supposedly must have power to create women's feelings.

Such is the case with male film makers, according to what Jodie Foster just saw at Cannes.

"I wonder why she was a box of tears?" Foster asked, speaking as a hypothetical male writer. "Oh, she was raped. Or if a female character is having trouble with her boss, Foster said writers will often reason, "Well, it was because she was raped and you’re going to find that out in the end.”

She added, "It was ridiculous, it was every single movie I saw. If you really got to what was the overriding motivation that that woman that you found out at the end, it was always rape because for some reason men saw that as this incredibly dramatic thing. 'Well that’s easy! I can just pluck that one out of the sky and apply it to her.' ”