Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Salvation Army - No Gay Officers

An internal document circulated by the Salvation Army bans gay people from serving as officers, unless they remain celibate.

Perhaps we should all walk by the bell ringers, and if we want to give this holiday season, find organizations or people who aren't trying to build and maintain hierarchies, specifically the sexual orientation hierarchy.

Moving on to marriage equality. The same document – which is signed by Commissioner Paul Seiler – warns that all members are liable for “termination” if they attend same-sex wedding ceremonies in uniform. Members are also banned from officiating same-sex weddings, even out of uniform.

The organization maintains a ban on gay leaders, saying: “Leadership roles in denominational activities such as teaching or holding local officer roles require certain adherence to consistently held spiritual beliefs. This would apply to any conduct inconsistent with Salvation Army beliefs and would include same-sex sexual relationships.”