Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump/Pence Supporters – Followed The Indoctrination to Let Top Off the Hook

Clearly with the election of Donald Trump, there are many people who follow the programming of hierarchies, which indoctrinates us not to hold the top accountable. Trump is on top of our hierarchies as a tall, white, able-bodied, not of a religion other than Christianity, wealthy man.

Those of us not in that group, and aware people who aren't, know from our own experiences that if Trump were not on top, he wouldn't have gotten a free ride from so many people. If he were a five-foot-tall male, female, black, had cerebral palsy, Muslim, or poor, he would most likely not be president now. Instead, many more people would not have let him off the hook, but would have, instead, held him accountable for at least one of his horrendous comments and actions. 

It is easy in our hierarchical society to discredit people who aren't on top, even make untrue stories very believable. But even the truth doesn't matter often when it comes to people who have the characteristics of Trump/Pence.