Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Where Being Clueless at the Top of the World Has Gotten the USA

In an Article posted by Fareed Zakaria, and copyrighted by the Washington Post Writers Group, using Pew survey data, Mr. Zakaria is inviting the world to say good-bye to an era when the United States was admired and respected as a world leader, now facing the future of a Post-American World.

"The world has gone through bouts of anti-Americanism before. But this one feels very different. First, there is the sheer shock at what is going on, the bizarre candidacy of Donald Trump, which has been followed by an utterly chaotic presidency."

Describing the reaction of countries around the world to the Trump administration and a country who would elect him, he says, "The most dismaying of Pew’s findings is that the drop in regard for America goes well beyond Trump. Sixty-four percent of the people surveyed expressed a favorable view of the United States at the end of the Obama presidency. That has fallen to 49 percent now. Even when U.S. foreign policy was unpopular, people around the world still believed in America — the place, the idea. This is less true today."

The United States has fancied itself as being on top of the world hierarchy for many years. It appears that, by clinging to the hierarchy in this country that would elect Trump/Pence and their Republican followers, the world is no longer buying this commitment to hierarchies as a valid productive future.

Where will the commitment to our country's hierarchies end up on the global front? Who knows. While people in this country insist on remaining clueless at the top, other people all over the world can certainly see differently.