Sunday, August 20, 2017

Why Are Women in the Alt-Right? Explanation on PBS Newshour

If the Alt-Right movement has a face of white males, and they proclaim to support so many hierarchies, why are there occasionally white women present?

In a PBS Newshour interview with Seyward Darby, she explains that these women believe in the roles that hierarchies dictate for men and women.

"They very much like the idea of alpha men who embrace a very sort of aggressive form of masculinity.  But in terms of the place women see for themselves, they don’t believe that these men are misogynistic in the way that people looking from the outside might.

"They think that the men of the alt-right just understand biology and that men and women are fundamentally different, not equal, but equally important, and that men should be alpha, macho, fighting battles, running countries, making policy, whereas women have an equally important role on the home front, nurturing family units, inculcating the beliefs of this movement.  They would say they don’t see that as, you know, submission or subjugation.  They would say that it’s equally important, almost like a yin and yang."