Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moving Free

If it is true that the Netherlands in the 1960's had the same attitude about alternative transportation to the car as the United States does now, maybe there is hope for us.

We are two people who have bus passes and usually leave our cars at home to instead walk, bike, or take the bus, so we know how valuable the time is that we spend transporting ourselves in other ways than our cars. We relax, are in great physical shape, slow down, talk to people we are with on the bus, enjoy noticing how people live along our routes, commune with nature, and feel great getting around on our own power.

We hope that as the United States climbs off the top of the world hierarchy we are creating, we can stop rushing around in our cars that are major contributors to pollution and global warming. Of course we will have to invest in the infrastructure that makes other-than-car transportation more workable. Other countries are far ahead of us; we're not near the top of the heap in this regard.

Everyone having fresh bread every day!! Yummmm!! Let's try it!