Monday, August 8, 2011

Christian and Moslem Terrorists

The term "Christian Terrorist" has ignited a debate in our country. Vocal Christians who have been quick to equate terrorism with Islam are outraged by anyone who links the word Christian with terrorism.

What would happen if these right-wing Christians were to ask their congregations for some self-reflection? Would they still say that their Muslims neighbors are as different from extremists as most of their own church members are different from Anders Behring Breivik of Norway?

Of course people who are on top of their religious hierarchy in the United States would have a hard time equating themselves to another religion. Since Norway does not have such a strong religious hierarchy with Christianity on top as in the United States, it makes sense that in Norway it would be much easier for them to see the analogy.

In our hometown on Murfreesboro, many Christians have made national news by trying to stop the construction a mosque. What would these Tennessee Christians think if Norwegians tried to stop the construction of a Christian church in their Nordic community stating the same objections?