Friday, August 5, 2011

Look Over Here Obama

Paul Krugman's recent article, "The President Surrenders," illustrates that compromising with people who are intent on building hierarchies will only build more hierarchy. Paul Krugman states that Obama could and should have demanded an increase in the debt ceiling back in December. When asked why he didn’t, Obama replied that he was sure that Republicans would act responsibly.

Here's a quote from this Clueless at the Top website: (look under Take Action/Clueless Top)

"In an effort to be fair, we often view top-of-the-hierarchy perspectives as personal opinions, and think we need to compromise, even if the top sees no need to compromise with us. We compromise with people who are building hierarchies, then wonder why our hierarchies continue. Compromising with people building hierarchies only builds more hierarchies."

If anyone out there has a better connection to Obama than we do, would you please direct him to our webpage? Thanks.