Friday, September 19, 2014

Football - Can the NFL Remain Clueless?

As the top  money-making sports enterprise in the world, and one who promotes a sport that is now shown to cause significant brain damage to its (wealthy) participants, will NFL power and money trump how women and children and other men are treated by its players?

After all, football is a male-only violent sport. According to ESPN's Hannah Storm, "Are we supposed to simply separate a violent game on the field from violent acts off the field?"

With a public who is mesmerized by the hype and money that football has become in the United States, which is more important, keeping players and team owners as demigods who are beyond the law, or looking seriously at a sport that may not be healthy for participants or observers?

“Are you a decent person? Do you regard yourself as having a moral compass? Do you try to lead your everyday life in accordance with some basic ethical precepts, such as not countenancing brutality, greed and deception?” If so, Michael Tracey at Vice says, “then please, for God’s sake, don’t watch the NFL.”