Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Holly Bobo - Same Song, How Many Verses?

The remains of Holly Bobo have been found, the Tennessee nursing student who disappeared in 2011, following the abduction by a man as described by her brother. Two male suspects are in custody.

Apparently, another woman or girl killed by a man.

Until we stop refusing to focus on the underlying causes of men's violence against women and girls, we won't come close to solving the problem. Why do men attack women? Why do men think it is advantageous to them to attack women? Why do men even consider the possibility? What about our male culture encourages, even rewards, these attitudes and behaviors toward women and girls? Why is the behavior that teaches men to attack women and girls seen as entertaining in movies and video games? Why do men refuse to examine and change their culture?

It is way past time to hold the top of our hierarchies accountable for their cultures that damage and kill those below. Yes, we may still need to come to the aid of victims, but our main focus in assault of women and girls must turn toward men.