Monday, January 26, 2015

"Barbie Doesn't Resonate with Girls Anymore"

Music to our ears. Looks like Barbie may be on her way out.

Eating disorders and females not liking their bodies, are they on their way out too? We have grown up with Barbie, and also watched women try and succeed in becoming way too thin, while nothing like that has happened to men.

We have watched the explosion of artificial blond hair and make-up, while men are thought to look great as their natural selves.

Financial analysts say that Barbie just doesn’t resonate with girls anymore. She is being replaced, at least temporarily, by Elsa of the movie "Frozen." Well at least Elsa has a goal in her life, is brave, and can be a leader. Not just possess a body that is impossible to achieve in real life like Barbie.

Was it just that for so long there was no one else strong enough to replace her?