Saturday, January 31, 2015

Selfridges Goes Gender Neutral

Selfridges Department Store in the United Kingdom has decided to go gender neutral after noticing that so many women were buying men's clothes. Now, they say, anyone can buy what most matches her or his self expression, with three floors of unisex clothing. The store will also say farewell to its current mannequins and revamp its beauty products and accessories. For many, this could be a very welcome change.

I remember the ridiculous situation of having to send the girls I coached to the boys section in order to buy soccer shorts and shirts. It sent a clear message that soccer is for boys and not girls. For anyone who does not adhere to gender stereotypes, many stores still let a person know there is something amiss.

Historically, females have had an easier time of dressing the way males have traditionally dressed, but males have bullied other males who have dressed in any way perceived to be female. This is a hierarchy issue, as it is fine for lower groups to be like the "superior" top, but prohibited for top groups to act like "inferior" lower groups.

Selfridges says they want everyone to be liberated.