Friday, February 5, 2016

Gender Neutral Clothing for Children

We remember the days when many parents thought that if you did not dress your children in "girl's" clothes or "boy's" clothes, you weren't being a good parent.

But in reality, many parents were teaching the boys that they were free to become independent, and instructing girls to stay home and be sedentary and dependent with frilly lives.

Now, according to WABE. Atlanta's NPR station, a new wave of parents are rejecting pink and blue and instead looking for gender neutral clothing.

Michelle Finamore, historian and curator of fashion arts at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, says,  
“We’re at a moment where really, this idea of what gender is, is being challenged on a regular basis, and I think that there is a certain comfort level right now with feeling like you can express yourself in any way you want, and you don’t actually have to associate yourself with being a man or being a woman.”